Michigan Legal Custody – Negotiating Strategies

However you access the added ancestor for Michigan acknowledged custody, you’ll be advancing a negotiating strategy. This action will behest what you do and if you do it.

When negotiating, you should apperceive that there are several theories of negotiation. One access divides strategies into two categories:

o Position-based negotiation.

o Interest-based negotiation.

Position-Based Negotiation

In position-based negotiation, you anon accept an acute position and again debris to budge. As the acceding proceeds, you appeal everything, accept nothing, and abuse backfire if you don’t get your way. To get what you want, you bluff, threaten, lie, posture, and annoyer your antagonist into submission. Position-based acceding is hardball, area you advance and alarm your antagonist in adjustment to win.

The capital advantage of this negotiating appearance is that it works. The ancestor who can arrangement for accouchement by aggressive and ambiguous assets an astronomic cardinal advantage.

The capital disadvantage is that this appearance badly increases the hostilities. A “scorched earth” access leaves little of the acceptable will all-important for parents to abide a accord afterwards.

Position-based aegis acceding is generally adopted by parents who appearance aegis as a zero-sum game, area one person’s accretion have to necessarily be the other’s loss.

Michigan Acknowledged Custody: Interest-Based Negotiation

In interest-based negotiation, you strive to change a “win-lose” aftereffect into “win-win.” With this strategy, you anon acknowledge all accordant information, absolutely explain your reasons, and again absolutely accept to the added ancestor as you seek for an acceding that satisfies both your interests. This blazon of acceding is cooperative, with anniversary ancillary alms effective suggestions on how to break the problem.

The capital advantage of interest-based acceding is that it badly lowers the conflict, acceptance the parents to cooperatively plan calm in the future.

The capital disadvantage is that both parents have to absolutely wish to participate. If one ancestor cooperates and the added one doesn’t, the accommodating ancestor is accessible to getting afraid or apprenticed by the non-cooperative parent.

Interest-based acceding is an attack to about-face aegis into a non zero-sum game, area parents actualize added amount by accommodating trading. In a sense, this Michigan Acknowledged Aegis action seeks not just to bisect up the pie, but to in fact accomplish the pie bigger, and again to allotment the increase.